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pencil grass

Pencil Grass

The history of the Juncus Pencil Grass can be traced back to the highlands of Africa. This ornamental grass is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. For example, Pencil Grass will thrive at a pond side. Nonetheless, most of the plants we sell are kept as house plants. The eccentric Pencil Grass looks lovely in a decorative pot in your living room. You will not find another green plant that is quite like this grass species. Pencil Grass allows you to create the ultimate touch of nature within any modern home.

Verzorgingstips - Kwekerij ArendsVerzorgingstips

It is best to keep Pencil Grass 'swamp-wet'. Keeping the plant in a vase or decorative pot is ideal. The Pencil Grass is a low-maintenance plant, and the vase or pot need only be filled up with water once a week to keep the plant healthy. Do not expose the plants to direct sunlight or position them close to a radiator.