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lavendel royal blue

Lavender Royal Blue

The original souce of the Royal Blue can be found in Provence in Southern France. We have produced this so-called Angustifolia-variety by crossing and culturing the 'prehistoric species'. Lavender angustifolia 'Royal Blue' can be recognized by its famous French lavender, which you see blooming in dazzling blue fields while on vacation in Provence. The Angustifolia-varieties have been cultivated since Roman times for their scent and beneficial properties. We selected the Royal Blue for its winter endurance, dark green leaf, big blue flowers and its lengthy flowering duration. Royal Blue is therefore ideal for planting gorgeous blue stretches and patches in your garden.

Verzorgingstips - Kwekerij Arends

Maintenance Tips

Royal Blue has 100% winter endurance and enjoys a position in the sun. The plants bloom in May and June. After the bloom it is recommended to trim the Royal Blue, but not too close to the old stems.