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lavendel toscane

Lavender Tuscany

The origins of this lavender can be traced to Tuscany in North Italy. We have selected this so-called Stoechas-variety through our own breeding. Stoechas-varieties can be recognized by the flag on top of the torch of little flowers. Their early and ready bloom were the most important criteria for choosing Tuscany. Furthermore, the Stoechas blooms all year round, allowing you to enjoy it for longer. Tuscany is suitable for gardens, terraces, balconies and patios. Throughout the winter we grow Tuscany in frost-proof greenhouses, and from April onwards they are grown outdoors.

Maintenance TipsVerzorgingstip - Kwekerij Arends

Stoechas Lavender Tuscany enjoys a sunny spot. This lavender type is generally well adapted to winter conditions and can survive temperatures of up to -10 ┬░Celsius. However, it is important that the Tuscany is positioned in a sheltered environment throughout the winter season. It is best to trim the plants in the spring. Watch out that you do not trim them too close, as this may stop the lavenders from blooming again. As far as the water dosage is concerned you have chosen a frugal plant. There is no reason for concern if they hang flaccid once in a while. A dose of water will perk them up again in no time.